Don't Make These Mistakes When Buying A Commercial Truck

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If you run a business that requires the use of a commercial truck, whether for transporting goods or for occasional business errands, you might be thinking about buying it used. While you will save money with a used truck, there is also a lot more to think about. Make sure you avoid these common mistakes when buying a used commercial truck.

Doing a Brief Inspection Without Looking at Major Parts

A major part of buying any used vehicle is inspecting it on the inside and outside to be sure it is in good condition. However, many people simply look under the hood and at some of the parts, assuming they are in good condition, but not giving them a thorough inspection. Make sure you have a list in your mind of the major parts you need to look at, and then take your time inspecting them. Some major parts include the engine, transmission, brakes, and the steering and suspension systems. As you do this, also look up whether or not you could find replacements for these parts and how much they would cost. This can save you a lot of trouble later on.

Not Bringing a Qualified Mechanic For Inspections

If you are not confident in your own ability to inspect the truck, don't just hope it is in good condition and go based purely by the dealership's inspection. Bring along a qualified mechanic who knows exactly what to look for in this type of commercial truck. They will know all about worrisome sounds and smells when taking it for a test drive, not to mention being able to tell you if the transmission is not the original one or if the suspension might need some work soon.

Failing to Check the Exterior of the Truck

Another common mistake that people tend to make when buying a used commercial truck is not looking at the exterior. You don't just want to do a once-over and assume it looks okay. You aren't just looking at the cosmetic appeal of the truck or checking for dents; you need to look for structural damage, as well. For example, underlying part damage due to some sort of collision. Additionally, if there is rust on the frame of the truck, it could mean some major repairs or even having to replace the truck before too long. This severely affects the value of the truck, which could possibly keep you from purchasing it. Look very closely for signs of rust around the exterior of the truck.

Make sure you also find out what the truck was previously used for, if they have this information. It may have an effect on how the truck runs now. For more information, contact a company like Arrow Truck Sales.


6 May 2016

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