Paying Attention To The Details: 3 Things A Full Auto Detailing Service Should Do For Your Car

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When you leave your car with an automotive detailing service, it is important to make sure that the level of detail is truly where it should be. A full detailing automotive service is an exhaustive cleaning that is often too complicated and time consuming for most people to do. Check with your auto detailing service to make sure that they will do all the following three things before you hand them the keys.

Paint Cleaning and Repair

Naturally, an auto detailing will include cleaning the paint on your car -- but with a full detailing, it will go well beyond the soap and water cleaning. Once the car is thoroughly washed, the detail work should focus on the grime and contaminants that might be trapped in the car's clear coat. Auto detailing clay removes contaminants like tar and rust residue safely without harming the paint finish. A protective coat of wax is typically applied once the auto detailing clay is used. 

Car Interior Cleaning

The inside of the car needs to be cleaned just as carefully as the exterior. In a full auto detailing, the fabrics should be shampooed, including the carpets. Usually, a steam cleaner will be used to remove entrenched dirt. Any leather or vinyl parts of the vehicle, such as the dashboard, should be fully coated in a vinyl or leather protectant. Air vents and vehicle instruments should be checked for dust and cleaned out if necessary. 

Wheel Washing and Cleaning

The wheels of the car need extensive attention during a full detailing because there are plenty of places on the tires, rims, and wheel wells for dirt to accumulate. The wheel wells often house a considerable amount of mud and grease, and the tires may be coated in muck as well. Even the most visible part of the wheels -- the rims or hubcaps -- can pick up so much dust and dirt that they may make the whole car look dirty. Once all of these things are addressed, the auto detailing team will typically perform either a cleaning or at least a quick flush of the car's undercarriage. Wheels will then be waxed for a shiny new tire look. 

Next time that you go to get a full auto detailing for your car, remember to ask about the three things above. If they will do all of those things, you can feel secure in knowing that your car will not only look clean, but it will really be deep-down clean as well. Talk to an auto company like Scotty's Automotive Center to learn more.


20 May 2016

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