Ways To Spiff Up Your Used Truck With Custom Parts

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Buying a new truck is an expense that many consumers do not want to have. Often it is a better financial option to purchase a used truck instead. However, this does not mean you have to drive a truck that looks drab and outdated. You can add a variety of different accessories to a used truck that will make an instant improvement in its appearance. These are some ways to spiff up a used truck with custom parts.

Custom Chrome Trim 

Adding chrome trim can make an older model truck look years newer. The bright, shiny finish of chrome can help bring the paint job on the truck back to life again. There are several areas that chrome trim can be added to on a used truck. These include the door handles, mirror covers, tailgate handles, fuel doors, body moldings and around the headlights.

Custom Lift Kits 

Lift kits can also make a used truck look more attractive. Lift kits are available for a wide variety of pickup trucks. They are designed specifically for certain vehicle models so it is easy to find the exact kit for your truck. Lift kits can be installed by simply bolting them onto the frame of your truck.

Lift kits increase the amount of ground clearance your truck has while also allowing you more room to add larger wheels and tires if you prefer. They also help maintain the same smooth driving and riding abilities that your truck had when it was new.

Custom Truck Bed Liners 

Custom truck bed liners are another way to spiff up the appearance of a used truck. Bed liners not only improve the look of a truck, but they also help protect the inside of the truck bed as well.

If you haul with your truck frequently, a truck bed liner will protect the bed from scratches and dents that may occur when loading and unloading the truck. Truck bed liners can also help prevent rust from developing if your truck has to be parked outside where it may be left exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Custom Grilles 

One of the first things other drivers notice on a truck is the type of grill it has. Adding a new grill to your truck can make a huge difference in how sharp it looks.  Grilles are available in a variety of different colors and patterns for almost any size pickup truck.  Whether you want a new chrome grill or a grill with bright red flames going all the way across your truck, there are many different ways to trick out your truck with a new grill.

Of course you will have to spend some money to make your used truck look more stylish and up to date. However, the cost to do this will be much less than the cost of buying a brand new truck. You may also find this increases the value of your truck and could help you gain a better profit should you ever decide to sell it. For more information, contact local truck part suppliers like Pacesetter Truck Caps & Accessories Inc


24 May 2016

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