Answering A Couple Of Basic Questions About Your Car's Transmission

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Your car is a highly complicated machine that may be essential for your daily life. Unfortunately, if you are like many other drivers, you are not particularly well-informed about the various components of your car. In particular, the transmission is a critical component of your vehicle, and if you are not informed about this part of the car, it can be difficult to know how to address some common problems. After learning about the following couple of questions, you will be a better-informed driver when it comes to your vehicle.

What Are The Signs Of Transmission Problems?

Transmission problems can be caused by a range of issue, and as a result, there can be a number of warning signs that this part of your car is experiencing problems. Often, the car may start shaking when shifting gears or it may be unable to completely shift to a higher or lower gear. When these problems are present, there is a good chance that some of the internal components have suffered damage. The internal gears are arranged to interlock with each other, and when one component starts to encounter problems, it may prevent the transmission from properly shifting.

Another common warning sign of transmission problems can be the odor of transmission fluid in your car's cabin. Transmission fluid is scented to smell almost sweet, and if you are smelling this in your car's cabin, you likely have a transmission fluid leak. If this problem is not repaired as quickly as possible, your transmission may suffer extensive damage from a lack of lubrication.

Why Do You Need To Have The Transmission Serviced?

In addition to recognizing some of the more common warning signs of transmission problems, it is also important for you to appreciate the need to have the transmission serviced according to the manufacturer's recommended schedule. As time progresses, the transmission fluid will start to lose effectiveness and the internal seals of the transmission may become brittle or develop minor leaks. By having the transmission professionally serviced, you can ensure that the transmission fluid has been changed and that any seals were inspected. While having this work done may be slightly inconvenient, it can greatly prolong the lifespan of your car's transmission, which can make it more than worth any inconvenience.

Transmission problems have the ability to leave your car stranded on the side of the road. By being informed about the common warning signs of transmission problems as well as the benefits of having the transmission regularly serviced, you will be better able to help your car avoid potentially catastrophic transmission problems. To learn more, speak with a business like Goodeal Lifetime Transmissions.


26 May 2016

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