Opt For Winter Washing To Keep Your Auto Body In Top Shape

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Standing in the driveway and washing your car is often seen as a job for the summer months, but it's important to take care to keep the body of the vehicle clean over the winter, too. Care during inclement weather can help to stave off the arrival of rust, which will damage the body of your vehicle and have you scheduling a visit at your local auto body shop for repair work faster than anything. Although the visual effects of taking care of your vehicle's exterior will fade quickly in the winter, the benefits will not. Each washing helps to remove caked-on salt that will cause major damage to the body panels. Here are some tips to keep in mind for washing your vehicle during the winter.

Clean Your Vehicle By Hand First

It might be tempting to drive through the car wash right away when your vehicle is caked with snow and ice, but the ability of the wash to clean your body panels is minimized by this wintry layer on your vehicle. It's best to first use your brush and scraper to remove as much of the snow and ice from your car as possible before you enter the car wash. Don't do this at home, as you'll only pick up more on the drive to the wash. Instead, stop in the car wash parking lot to get the job done immediately before you enter the car wash.

Wash On Mild Days

When it comes to choosing a day to wash your vehicle in the winter to protect its body panels from future damage, warmer days are better than colder days. If it's too cold, the water from the car wash will freeze quickly once you drive back outside, which could make it difficult to lower your windows and open your doors. On a sunny day that is relatively warm, the risk of dealing with this complication isn't as high.

Upgrade Your Wash

While the cheapest selection at the car wash will still help to remove some of the winter grime off your vehicle's body panels, opting for one of the higher-end washes can be beneficial. The higher-priced washes often include a coating of wax. Spending a few extra dollars for this worthwhile upgrade provides a layer of protection against the salt that your vehicle picks up while you drive, which can help to keep your body panels free of rust.

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27 May 2016

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