Constant Flat Tires? It May Be More Than Just Nails

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Driving through a parking lot or on a highway with loose construction hardware is a risk that anyone would encounter, but simple punctures aren't the only flat tire causes. If you've changed tires, varied routes, can't find the offending puncture or simply can't figure out why your tires keep going flat, here are a few issues that could have lead to your tire's demise.

Stem Leaks From Impact

Think of all the potholes, sudden drops and bumpy roads that a car could drive across. Vehicles are heavy, and when speed is added to the equation, an unplanned bump can either be a minor issue or a major failure. If you're going fast enough, some bumps can be passed over with little notice or become a sudden head-on slam for tires. Driving slowly can help your car safely get over some bumps or sink violently into a hole.

In either event, the stem of your tire could be put under pressure. The stem is the port used to fill the tire with air, and upon impact the stem can allow air to leak out, leading to a lower tire pressure. If the bump causes a hard enough impact, the stem could have a few cracks that allow air to leak out very slowly.

Stem leaks come with one of two main repairs: a dislodging or a replacement. With a dislodge job, the metal release could have been stuck in the flow position by impact, and simply needs to be put back in place. For a stem replacement, the actual stem needs to be removed and replaced with a new addition. This may be a good idea for expensive tires, but in many cases its cheaper to simply get a new tire.

Rim Damage From Leaks

A vehicle's rims can be damaged from driving with a flat tire or from hitting rocks or drastic dents. Unfortunately, some people may find themselves trying to drive on a flat just to get closer to home or a repair shop. It's a bad idea, but such things happen in a panic.

When driving on a flat tire, you're doing more than just damaging the tire material. The rim can become dented and flattened in some areas depending on what you're driving across, and could form edges that can cut into the tire. A poor fit can also cause a problem, as both tears and poor fits can lead to a leak.

In damage rim situations, it's often necessary to replace the entire rim, which is often more expensive at the basic level than a decent tire. Contact a tire service professional to find the right tire and to discovery any rim or tire-related issues.

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1 June 2016

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