How Do You Know When The Head Gasket Needs Replacing?

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The head gasket is an important part of the car. It is responsible for sealing the cylinder head and engine block, meaning engine coolant and high temperatures are sealed from each other. When it needs replacing, it is a big job and will need to be done as soon as possible. It's worth looking out for signs that it is causing a problem. Here are four signs your head gasket needs replacing.

1. Leaking Coolant

This is one of the most common problems. Remember that it is a seal, so it should stop liquid from spreading anywhere. When the seal goes, liquids are among the first things to get out of something and this is the case with the car.

The downside is leaking coolant can also be a sign of other problems. You'll need to look out for others signs it is your head gasket.

2. Exhaust Blowing White Smoke

You'll notice the air coming from the exhaust in the cold weather. This is usually when you are standing idle. However, you should notice the smoke at any other time. Smoke from the exhaust can be a sign of various issues, and can be in different colors. White is a sign that the head gasket is going.

When you get the white smoke, you'll also usually get a sickly sweet smell. You should find that the sign completely disappears with a replacement.

3. Air Bubbles in Your Radiator

Radiator problems are common, and usually, it will get air bubbles because of a blow head gasket. You'll be able to test this by unscrewing your radiator cap and ticking the engine over. Make sure the car is cooled when you test this. Rev the engine and check for any bubbles that appear in the radiator fluid. If there are any, there's a problem within the car.

4. Your Engine Overheats

You will also likely get the issue of your engine overheating. This is because it won't get enough coolant, and can happen while you're sitting idle or while you're on the move. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge in your car, especially if you have any of these other signs.

A blown gasket is serious but routine fix. The signs above will indicate that this is a problem. You will need to get it replaced as soon as you spot these signs to make sure you don't do any further damage to your vehicle.


2 June 2016

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