3 Tips To Prepare Your Transmission For The Summer Heat

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As outdoor temperatures begin to rise, many drivers find themselves planning long trips or spending more time in their vehicles. Although warm temperatures can feel great, these temperature increases can wreak havoc on your car's transmission.

Here are three tips you can use to help prepare your transmission to withstand the upcoming summer heat.

1. Invest in a transmission cooler.

Your vehicle's transmission is not designed to withstand extended exposure to high levels of heat. In fact, most manufacturers agree that keeping your transmission's temperature between 170 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal.

As outdoor temperatures rise, the temperature inside your transmission can also increase until it falls outside the recommended range. By installing an aftermarket transmission cooler, you will be able to ensure that your transmission doesn't get overheated as you drive throughout the warm summer months.

2. Switch to a synthetic transmission fluid.

Taking the time to have your vehicle's transmission fluid replaced with a synthetic product before the summer heat hits could be beneficial. Synthetic products are better equipped to handle high heat situations (like those created when you drive in high temperatures or tow heavy camp/ATV trailers) without losing their effectiveness.

As the temperature in your engine bay rises, organic transmission fluids could begin to thin out or vaporize. Synthetic fluids maintain their ability to properly transfer heat when they are in a liquid state, allowing them to properly lubricate your transmission regardless of the temperature conditions. Before you embark on any lengthy summer driving excursions, be sure that your vehicle's transmission fluid is synthetic.

3. Invest in a transmission fluid change.

Proper lubrication plays an essential role in ensuring that your transmission works properly. Transmission fluid provides the lubrication your vehicle needs, but this fluid can begin to break down over time. Contaminants can find their way into transmission fluid reserves and reduce the efficiency of your fluid.

By investing in a full transmission fluid change before the busy summer driving months arrive, you will be able to significant improve your vehicle's performance. Fresh fluid allows for maximum lubrication and heat transfer, reducing the amount of strain summer driving places on your transmission. A fluid change can also contribute to better fuel efficiency, allowing you to spend less at the pump for your summer road trips.

Taking the time to prepare your transmission for summer can help you avoid potentially costly repairs in the future. Be sure that you invest in a transmission cooler, synthetic fluid, and a transmission fluid flush to ensure your car is prepared to withstand the heat associated with summer driving.

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3 June 2016

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