Two Signs That The Shocks On Your Car May Be Malfunctioning


Your car's shocks are one of the most important elements of your entire vehicle.  Shocks are hydraulic devices that help to absorb some of the impact that the springs and suspension units of your car would ordinarily sustain.  If your shocks aren't performing correctly, there will be a few telltale signs that you should pay attention to.  Use this information to learn more about two symptoms indicating that your shocks are malfunctioning so you can get the automobile to a hydraulics specialist right away.

Pay Attention To Ride Quality

One of the first indications that your shocks are starting to go bad can be felt in ride quality.  If you notice that your car no longer rides as smoothly as it once did, the shocks in your suspension system may be almost completely worn out.

For example, you've probably noticed cars on the road that seem to shake and bounce a bit more than their counterparts.  This happens because the shocks aren't pumping the hydraulic fluid as efficiently as they once did.  

Paying close attention to subtle changes in the ride quality of your car can help you catch minor shock problems before they become major.  If you're able to get your car to a repair specialist in the early stages, you may simply need to refill your hydraulic fluid.  If you wait to long, you may find yourself with a hefty shock replacement estimate.

The Front Of Your Vehicle Lifts Slightly When Accelerating

If you've ever seen boats out on the water, you may have noticed that the front end of some boats lifts slightly out of the water when the captain accelerates.  If you notice this same phenomenon occurring with your car, your shocks may be in trouble.

The hydraulic fluid in your shocks essentially helps to stabilize the vehicle.  It works to keep the entire car level so that no single part of it relinquishes its grip on the road.  However, when the shocks are malfunctioning, you begin to lose this stabilization.  Because of this, the front end of your car may lift up ever so slightly each time you accelerate after you have come to a complete stop.

Don't miss the signs that can clue you into the status of your shocks.  When you notice one or both of these symptoms, take action.  Get your car to an automotive hydraulics repair facility like Certified Products Co immediately so that an experienced professional can take a look at it.


6 June 2016

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