3 Tips To Help Deal With Constant Dings On Car Doors And Bumper Cover Problems

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If you drive regularly and have to park in public lots or a commercial parking facility, getting dings on your car door may be something that you have to deal with. Other parking problems can include getting small bumps that cause bumper covers to be scuffed or even start to fall off. An auto body shop may be able to help reduce these problems from parking. Here are some tips that can help you deal with cosmetic car damage from parking lots:

1. Reinforcing And Rubber Painting To Protect Bumper Covers

When parallel parking, you bumper gets abused. This can be due to you misjudging when you park or it can be from other drivers that are  bad parallel parking. This can cause damage to modern bumper covers, which are just thin pieces of plastic that cover the crumple zone of your car. To avoid this damage, you may want to consider reinforcing the bumper cover with better mounts and fasteners. In addition, you can have a rubber paint applied to the impact zones of your bumper that are most likely to be hit when parking.

2. Add Door Trim To Absorb The Shock Of Opening Doors From Neighbors

Parking lots can be another area where your car gets damaged from neighboring cars. This is a major cause of damage like dings and scratches on doors. To avoid this, many cars have trim bumpers. The trim may not always be in the right place, but you can have trim added at an auto body shop to ensure your car has maximum protection from door dings. For a black car or SUV-type vehicle, you may want to consider having a rubber paint done for these areas of doors that get damaged most often.

3. Install Parking Sensors And Cameras To Ensure You Park Perfectly Every Time

Parking sensors can be another great way to avoid damage to your car. These can be sensors in bumpers that alert you when you are too close to objects. You can also have camera parking aids installed to ensure you do not hit anything that is not visible. In addition, you may want to have rubber extensions for areas like plate covers, which can prevent damage to your car when it gets bumped while parking.

These are some tips that can help you deal with some of the cosmetic problems that you can get in a parking lot. If you want to improve your car to protect against this sort of damage, contact an auto collision service, like Select Collision Group, and talk with them about some of these improvements for your car. 


15 July 2016

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