Two Questions About Auto Hail Damage Repairs

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When a powerful hail storm moves through your neighborhood, it has the potential to cause extensive damage to your automobile. For those that have been unfortunate enough to have a car that has recently suffered this type of damage, the process of needing to have repairs done can be stressful, but learning the answers to the following couple of questions should allow you to be a more informed car owner when it concerns the repair of hail damage.

Will Unrepaired Hail Damage Cause Problems For Your Car?

Some individuals may be under the impression that it can be harmless to avoid or delay having hail damage repaired. Yet you should be aware that this can be exposing your car to a higher risk of experiencing some problems. For example, the hail may have chipped or cracked the surface paint of your car. When this type of damage occurs, failing to repair the car can allow the paint to start chipping and peeling due to moisture getting under it. As the paint peels away, the metal body of the car will be exposed to more moisture, which can also lead to corrosion. These visible body damages are not the only issue that hail damage can cause because the various dents in the car body can interfere with the aerodynamics of the car.

How Will A Hail-Damaged Car Be Repaired?

In instances where the car has suffered minor hail damage, it may be possible for the damage to be repaired with paintless repair options. During this repair process, technicians will use a device that generates suction to gently apply enough force to the dent to allow them to pull it out of the metal. This process will be repeated for each dent on the car's exterior, and while this may add time to the repair process, it can be worth it to avoid needing to repaint the entire vehicle.

Paintless repair options may not be viable for severe instances of hail damage. When paintless dent repair is not a practical solution, it will be necessary to use body filler. A body filler is applied to each dent to level them out. Prior to applying the body filler, the paint in the hail damaged area will be sanded away. This is necessary to prevent it from inhibiting the ability of the body filler to bond with the car's body. Once the body filler has dried and bonded to the car, the entire exterior of the car will be painted to ensure that the filler's color matches your car's paint.

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19 July 2016

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