Staying Safe When Handling A Vehicle Breakdown With Kids In Tow

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If you experience a mishap where your vehicle becomes immobilized as a result of getting a flat tire or running out of gas, and you have your small children accompanying you for the ride, their safety is most likely your first concern. Your actions in how you handle a breakdown on the road will have an impact on your children's experience with the ordeal. Here are some tips to use in an attempt to get your vehicle back on the road while keeping your children safe in the process.

Keep Your Cool And Explain The Situation

If the children are old enough to understand your instructions, let them know the vehicle is in need of help and you are going to call someone to get the vehicle moved. Remain calm when speaking to your children so they do not become upset about the situation at hand. Explain the process the towing company would most likely be doing so they can observe the process when it happens with bewilderment rather than fear.

Make Phone Calls Right Away

It is best to call for assistance rather than trying to repair the vehicle on your own, especially if it occurs in an unfamiliar area. Many people become distracted when trying to handle a situation where their vehicle doesn't work, minimizing the safety precautions they take as a result. Calling 911 is the best way to obtain help promptly. The dispatcher will be able to notify an area towing service to come to your aid and may send a police officer to the scene so other motorists are aware your vehicle is in distress. 

If you break down close to home and know the phone number for a towing service, let the police know you will be making a call on your own. Be sure to tell them you have children in the vehicle, as this will most likely speed up the dispatching of a tow vehicle and/or police car to come to the scene.

Stay Inside The Vehicle

The safest spot to wait for a tow truck with children is inside of the vehicle. Lock all the doors and keep your windows cracked. Put your hazards lights on if the incident occurs during daytime hours. If it is dark outside, it is best to put on your interior light and pop your trunk rather than using your hazards unless you are completely pulled off the side of the shoulder of the road. Since hazard lights are sometimes used when driving slowly, motorists may not realize your vehicle is at a complete stop, causing them to not slow down enough to come to a stop themselves. 

Decline Help But Be Appreciative

If someone stops to ask you if you need assistance, roll your window down an inch or two and politely tell them you have alerted authorities. Thank them for stopping and assure them someone will be pulling up at any minute. It is best to avoid having a stranger come to your aid as you cannot be completely sure of their intentions. Rather than put your children at risk, await the help of the tow vehicle instead.

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21 July 2016

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